No Local Money for Border Wall Companies

March 24, 2017 -- Jamie Way

Earlier this month, the Trump administration began the process of looking for contractors to build the border wall. More than 500 companies have reportedly already shown interest in designing and building prototypes of the wall and the wall itself. Many of these companies also build projects in our cities and states. We must stop those who seek to profit from dividing families from getting our tax dollars at the local level.

So far legislators in seven states and four cities have taken steps to propose legislation to keep local funds from going to companies that support construction of the border wall. This legislation would ban companies that build the wall from winning local construction contracts with the city or state, withdraw public investments in these companies through state pension funds, or both.

Despite running on a promises to rebuild America’s roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure, the only project Donald Trump is actually trying to build to date is the border wall. We must stand against companies that seek to profit from dividing families and building walls. Add your signature above to ask local elected officials not to send your local dollars to support border wall companies.