Partnership for Working Families’ Statement of Support for the Standing Rock Water Protectors

November 15, 2016 -- Jamie Way


Partnership for Working Families’ Statement of Support for the Standing Rock Water Protectors

NATIONAL – Partnership for Working Families stands in solidarity with the peaceful protesters at Standing Rock Camp in resisting Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline. Below is Partnership for Working Families Executive Director Nikki Fortunato Bas’ statement:

“In this moment, it is more important now than ever that we stand with communities of color.​ As an organization founded in the belief that local communities must have the power and right to determine their future, Partnership for Working Families supports the Standing Rock Camp and Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance.

“Our brothers and sisters of the Great Sioux Nation have endured our country’s legacy of racism, violence and oppression against Native peoples. Today, resistance continues as they protect their land, their water and what is sacred to them. This time it is an outside multi-billion dollar company, backed by oil & gas, Wall Street banks and a militarized police force deployed by our government, which seeks to continue a history of oppression.

“We have seen these same forces play out in the cities and communities where we work. We know the burden of our dirty energy addiction is disproportionately born by our sisters and brothers of color, our low-income neighbors and our children. And we know the same forces that advance this addiction will later deny working people a family-sustaining wage and safe workplace.

“Companies have before divided the needs of people to work and earn a living from the needs of people to breathe clean air and drink clean water. We reject this false choice. Human ingenuity need not be limited by such narrow views. The real choice before us is a choice to protect both our communities and our environment together – to forge a path towards an economy and energy system that sustains workers, nurtures our communities and protects our planet.

“We commend the bravery of those on the front lines that stand in resistance to protect our water and our future at Standing Rock and offer our support for their cause and our collective liberation.”

Partnership for Working Families calls on the Army Corp of Engineers and President Obama to halt construction and encourages individuals to support the Standing Rock water protectors.


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