Partnership for Working Families Endorses the Vision for Black Lives Platform

October 12, 2016 -- Jamie Way


NATIONAL – Partnership for Working Families stands in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives and endorses the Vision for Black Lives platform. Below is a statement from Partnership for Working Families Executive Director Nikki Fortunato Bas:

“Rooted in the belief that the most marginalized among us must lead if we are to reach justice, Partnership for Working Families endorses the Vision for Black Lives platform.

In cities across the country, we work to create good jobs and healthy communities for low-income people and communities of color. But fundamentally, we know none of this can be achieved without a basic recognition of and respect for the value of Black lives.

For too long the attitudes, systems and structures that govern our society have failed to recognize the dignity of Black people. From our brutal legacy of slavery to today’s mass incarceration of black people, killings of innocents by law enforcement and chronic unemployment in black communities, racism plagues our society. We are forced to repeat, ‘Black lives matter.’

Again and again our society has failed Black people. Today we say no more. We will not allow ourselves to be divided by hate. We commend the Movement for Black Lives for boldly asserting a vision of what our society could be. We not only aspire to that vision, but will fight to make it a reality.”