Pittsburgh UNITED in the News: City Council Takes First Action on Cleaning Air in Over Sixty Years

July 13, 2011 -- Louisa Abada

Landmark legislation passed by Pittsburgh City Council ensures taxpayer supported development will have to drastically reduce diesel emissions. The bill requires a portion of the public subsidy be spent on diesel retrofits that can reduce the soot from heavy equipment by 85% or more.

Pittsburgh UNITED, a unique coalition of labor, environmental, faith and community groups supported this, the third in a series of bills requiring taxpayer subsidized projects to return real benefits to the community. Read more in a Pittsburgh UNITED release.

The Associated Press also reported on the story:

Pittsburgh panel OKs diesel limits for contractors
July 13, 2011

Pittsburgh's City Council has approved a bill that would limit diesel emissions on contractors' vehicles used in city-subsidized construction projects.

The bill was hailed as the first clean-air law passed by council since the middle of last century, though Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's office says he was still reviewing the bill and uncertain if he would sign it. The bill passed Tuesday with a veto-proof 8-0 majority, however, making that a formality.

The bill requires contractors to install pollution-control equipment on all on-road diesel vehicles by Jan. 1, 2012 and similar equipment for off-road diesel vehicles by Jan. 1, 2013. The law applies only to projects worth at least $2.5 million that receive at least $250,000 in city funding.