Planning for the Future in Bayonne, NJ

June 27, 2008 -- Partnership for Working Families

By Garden State Alliance for a New Economy

The Garden State Alliance for a New Economy (GANE) is off to a running start, raising job, housing and community participation issues around the redevelopment of the Bayonne Military Ocean Terminal (MOTBY). Hailed by many as the most significant redevelopment in Bayonne in a generation, the 437-acre site is a land of opportunity in a region that could benefit greatly from thoughtful, participatory and equitable development.

More than 80 community members, organized by GANE partners, attended the Bayonne Local Redevelopment Authority (BLRA) meeting in April, to encourage the inclusion of job and housing standards in the redevelopment process. At this Thursday night’s meeting, Mayor Terrence Malloy encouraged the board to adopt language in the RFP for the multi-billion dollar redevelopment that would require bids to include information on the number, type, and quality of jobs (both temporary and end-use), and on the affordability of the housing, so people can "live where they work."

GANE members who attended included Albert Cuebas, a Laborer who is currently out of work and who has never, in nine years of construction work, worked on building a home he could afford. Also Tony Greci, a union concierge who, like Albert, lives in Bayonne but who works in New York, and who would love to see high-quality building services jobs come to Bayonne.

Several Commissioners chimed in their support of the job quality issues, and GANE is optimistic that the language will be included in the final document when it is issued in the next few weeks.Community members of GANE will work hard to ensure that the Commissioners' votes on the RFP language reflect their commitments to good jobs and housing for working families in Bayonne.