REPORT: Pathways Forward in an On-Demand World

January 28, 2016 -- Jamie Way

Pathways Forward in an On-Demand World: How Progressives Can Challenge Precarious Work & Strengthen Communities in the New Economy


On-demand companies’ practices not only continue a trend toward worker precarity in our economy, but valorize insecure conditions as a good thing for workers and communities. Simultaneously, they are mounting daunting challenges to workers’ rights, public interest regulation, and consumer protection. The rapid growth of the on-demand model can make its success, in its current form, seem like a foregone conclusion. Fortunately, cities are uniquely positioned to shape the on-demand economy. The sector is still in its infancy and depends on the dense markets that cities provide to grow. Meanwhile, in recent years cities have lead the way in developing innovative policies and strategies that protect working families and communities and enable worker organizing. This creativity can and should be applied to the on-demand sector, with an eye toward lifting up workers across our economy.

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