Seattle’s New Minimum Wage Officially Kicks Off Today!

April 1, 2015 -- Partnership for Working Families


Dear Friend,

1. Seattle's new minimum wage officially kicks off today! Check out Sage’s blog Sound Progress for a full break down of what today’s raise means to workers and our economy.

This $15 minimum wage win would not have been possible without the partnership and leadership of fast food workers, labor, local businesses, community and government, including Sage’s critical role in mobilizing immigrant/People of color small businesses and non-profits, providing a policy analysis centered around racial justice and shaping enforcement and implementation.  

2. Sage is leading the way in ensuring our city grows equitably by shaping our city’s investments in transportation, housing policy, and equitable development and planning.

I am excited to share this insightful Op-ED in the Seattle Met written by Sage’s very own Program Director, Ubax Gardheere and Policy Counsel, Lauren Craig, around the importance of passing an affordable housing policy with “proven impact so more people with the lowest incomes can have the chance to graduate college, bring home a living wage and put a roof over their head.”

Ways to Celebrate!

  • Support Sage as we move steadily toward our vision of an economy where everyone has good jobs, affordable housing and a healthy and clean environment by becoming a monthly donor and sustaining us all year round. Make sure to also save the date to GiveBIG to Puget Sound Sage on May 5.  
  • Join Sage on April 15th at 3 pm at Westlake to support workers, such as the Macy's Workers to say $15 is just the beginning, RSVP to join our Sage team in this action!  
  • Celebrate local businesses by participating in the Plate of Nations, make sure to stop by one of our favorite local restaurants, Bananas Grill, one of the many restaurants who supported the $15 minimum wage campaign.

Thank you for taking a moment to celebrate with us at Puget Sound Sage!  Your support and partnership is what makes these wins possible. Stay connected with Sage on Facebook and update your contact information to make sure we keep you in the loop as we create yet another year of many more victories! 

In solidarity,  

Rebecca Saldaña

Executive Director