Statement on Airbnb Landlord Crack Down

October 19, 2016 -- Jamie Way

Today Airbnb announced that it will crack down on professional landlords using the site to rent out multiple properties. Below is a statement from Partnership for Working Families Executive Director, Nikki Fortunato Bas:

This is an encouraging step toward Airbnb acknowledging the problem it creates by allowing landlords to rent out multiple properties in already tight housing markets. However, the proposal lacks much-needed transparency, especially given reports of the company denying the problem and manipulating data to hide it. True home-sharing and affordable housing are not incompatible, but we can't achieve both without good data.

Just last week, echoing Senator Warren, twenty-eight lawmakers from ten cities joined with community groups to call on the FTC to help cities get access to data on Airbnb and commercial users. You can learn more about the letter here or read it for yourself here.