Statement on Trump's First Address

February 27, 2017 -- Jamie Way


Ahead of Trump’s address in which he is expected to outline an infrastructure plan,

Progressive Organizations Call on Trump to Commit to Principles of Fairness, Transparency for Rebuilding America’s Public Assets

NATIONAL -- In advance of President Trump’s first joint address to Congress, Partnership for Working Families and The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights are calling on him to commit to an infrastructure plan that meets the needs of working families across the country. Below is their statement:

“As President Trump lays out his plan for rebuilding the public assets that we all depend on, he must focus on the needs of ordinary Americans from all walks of life, not just the elite few. Our local communities must have meaningful input in how we rebuild our towns and cities in an affordable, accessible, transparent and publicly-controlled way. Any infrastructure program that is genuinely intended to make America great will help correct the rigged economy by directly investing in good job opportunities and critical projects for those who need them most. We will accept nothing less. Any proposal that would transfer hard earned tax dollars to Wall Street or enrich corporate players at the expense of ordinary Americans is a non-starter.”

Following a rocky first month in office and facing the lowest approval ratings of any modern president, Trump is expected to try to use the speech to reset his presidency. In its first month, the Trump administration has appointed billionaire friends and associates to leaderships roles, while placing corporate interests before ordinary taxpayers and raising fears among vulnerable communities. It is time he focused on producing a viable plan for America that works for all Americans.