Taking San Diego For a Ride, Again

June 21, 2011 -- Louisa Abada

Center on Policy Intiatives' Clare Crawford writes on the risks and uncertainties accompanying San Diego's contracting out of the Miramar Landfill. Contract negotiations remain ongoing as worries about proper oversight of the contract abound. These worries range from adequate oversight staffing resources to safety and environmental impacts in the change of operations continue. Turning over of Miramar Landfill to a private operator fails to protect the public interest.

San Diego Union Tribune

Taking San Diego for a Ride, Again
by Clare Crawford
June 21, 201

The city of San Diego has never mastered the art of managing contracts.

Debris haulers contracted by the city overcharged victims of the 2007 wildfires. Computer system consultants ran millions over budget and months behind schedule. Recently, a private ambulance company took advantage of lax oversight to shortchange the city by an estimated $18 million. And so on.

Again and again, private contractors take San Diego taxpayers for a ride – because they can.

Now the city administration is trying to take on many more contracts, pushing a wide variety of public services through an outsourcing process called “managed competition.” The mayor is setting up major, complicated contracts without the oversight in place to prevent an escalation in contractor boondoggles.