Voter Mobilization in Milwaukee Pays Off

November 7, 2012 -- Citizen Action of Wisconsin Educati...

Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund continues to play a leading role in Milwaukee’s non-partisan voter mobilization work.  In the November 2012 election, Milwaukee voter turnout reached 87.2%, far surpassing the 80.3% turnout in 2008 (that was considered a high benchmark).  


In Citizen Action Fund’s 50 target wards of low propensity voters, turnout was 85.3%, a 4.6% increase over 2008.  The target wards include the AO Smith neighborhood, focus of Citizen Action’s Milwaukee Jobs campaign.   

Their non-partisan campaign to increase voter turnout included mail, pledge cards, and providing rides to the polls for over 700 voters in the neighborhood.  

Their door-to-door canvas included surveying voters on the issues most important to them. Jobs and the economy far exceeded any other issue that voters cited.