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City Council Members and Community Coalition Press for CBA in Detroit

September 4, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families

The Detroit City Council recently convened a special hearing to deliberate a proposed land sale of 301 city-owned parcels to the State of Michigan for $1.4 million. The properties are within the footprint of the plaza for the planned New International Trade Crossing (NITC), the new bridge between Canada and the US. During the hearing, city council members and community advocates pressed for a community benefits agreement to be attached to the land sale. Gary Brown from the Emergency Manager’s office agreed to withdraw the agreement while negotiations for a CBA move forward.

Chicago Coalition Proposes CBA for Redevelopment of Former US Steel Works

September 4, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families

The Coalition for a Lakeside CBA in Chicago has released a proposed CBA for the massive redevelopment of the former US Steel’s South Works on Chicago’s Lakefront. The project, Lakeside Development, covers almost 600 acres, is expected to provide over 139,000 jobs, and includes over 13,900 housing units and 17 million square feet of retail. It is the largest development in the region and the last undeveloped lakefront property in Chicago.

Delray Beach Florida Coalition Celebrates Groundbreaking CBA for City’s Historically African-American Neighborhoods

September 4, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families

A diverse community coalition in Delray Beach, Florida signed an historic Community Benefits Agreement with Equity Enterprises USA. The agreement applies to a $35 million project that includes retail, office, and residential space. Previous investment in Delray Beach has never reached the city’s historically African-American neighborhoods. This development reaches into those neighborhoods and defines a new vision of shared prosperity for local residents.

FRESC Pushes for Affordable Housing in Denver

July 24, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families

FRESC-Good Jobs, Strong Communities packed the house at a recent affordable housing community meeting hosted by Denver City Councilwoman Robin Kneich. At the standing-room-only event, FRESC leaders shared their stories of struggling to find reasonably priced homes in a booming city where the average median home sales price is over $315,000 and apartment rents skyrocketed by 8% since 2013.


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