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More Than Recycling: Turning Trash into Justice

November 11, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families

Dear Friend,

November 15 is America Recycles Day. Like me, you might wonder what recycling is really about. Is it just making sure to use the right bin? Is it just taking personal responsibility for our planet’s health? That’s part of it: we all discard or recycle something we no longer need every day. Americans throw out about 7 lbs of garbage a day. Recycling reduces waste, but there’s also the potential to transform trash into justice.

Workers in Mountain View, California Earn Crucial Wage Increase

October 17, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families

Last week, the City of Mountain View became the latest city in Silicon Valley to raise its minimum wage.

Mountain View will now join San Jose at $10.30/hour, indexed to the Consumer Price Index, and has set a goal to raise the wage to $15.00 by 2018.  Councilmember Margaret Abe-Koga championed the effort, saying “Why not try to give folks a bit more in order to live…I know this (raise) means another meal, a better meal, pair of shoes to go to school in…this matters.”

PWF Welcomes New Affiliate Executive Directors in Denver, Colorado, and Oakland, California

October 17, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families

The Board of Directors of FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities recently announced that Felicia Griffin will be taking the helm as the organization’s new Executive Director. Felicia has been with FRESC for almost two years and most recently has been serving as Interim Executive Director. Felicia has led and served in the social justice movement for the last fifteen years in Colorado and in New Mexico.

Community Benefits Agreement News Weekly Roundup

October 3, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families


New Bridge Presents Challenges, Opportunities In Delray
WDET Detroit
September 29, 2014
By Pat Batcheller

City Council Members and Community Coalition Press for CBA in Detroit

September 4, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families

The Detroit City Council recently convened a special hearing to deliberate a proposed land sale of 301 city-owned parcels to the State of Michigan for $1.4 million. The properties are within the footprint of the plaza for the planned New International Trade Crossing (NITC), the new bridge between Canada and the US. During the hearing, city council members and community advocates pressed for a community benefits agreement to be attached to the land sale. Gary Brown from the Emergency Manager’s office agreed to withdraw the agreement while negotiations for a CBA move forward.

Chicago Coalition Proposes CBA for Redevelopment of Former US Steel Works

September 4, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families

The Coalition for a Lakeside CBA in Chicago has released a proposed CBA for the massive redevelopment of the former US Steel’s South Works on Chicago’s Lakefront. The project, Lakeside Development, covers almost 600 acres, is expected to provide over 139,000 jobs, and includes over 13,900 housing units and 17 million square feet of retail. It is the largest development in the region and the last undeveloped lakefront property in Chicago.


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