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Updated: California Unemployment Insurance Application Guide for Workers at App-Based Companies

March 17, 2020 -- Heather Appel

As you begin applying for Unemployment Insurance (“UI”) amid COVID-19 concerns, you may have questions about the application process. Below is information that may be helpful to people employed in California.

Please note, the information below is not intended to provide, and does not constitute, legal advice. It is for general informational purposes only. If you have a specific question about your situation, please reach out to a non-profit legal service provider.

Here is a list of documents or information to have on hand before you apply for UI:

New Report: California’s Hero Labor Law – the Private Attorneys General Act – recovered $88 million for the state from lawbreaking corporations in 2019

February 10, 2020 -- Heather Appel

In tackling major labor-law violations, primarily wage theft, California collected more than $88 million from lawbreaking corporations in 2019, thanks to workers using the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA). 

According to new data compiled by UCLA Labor Center, The Center for Popular Democracy, and the Partnership for Working Families, PAGA claims involved serious wrongdoing by massive employers.

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