Construction Careers

Our Construction Careers campaign is working in 15 cities to redesign job quality and job access in the construction industry. Through innovative policies we are developing new recruitment and training standards and channeling billions of public dollars into high road employment. Across the country, construction careers programs are creating high quality jobs and training opportunities for low-income workers and communities of color. 

Construction careers programs aren't just benefiting workers, though.  They are creating a highly skilled workforce that benefits contractors. And they are maximizing the public’s investment by building high quality infrastructure in our cities.  Our affiliates are also applying this model to projects aimed at greening urban infrastructure. Green construction careers programs combine aggressive job quality standards, targeted hiring programs, an emphasis on green technologies and skills, and equal access to the benefits of energy efficiency to programs that weatherize public infrastructure and homes and create more energy efficient cities.

It's time to throw out decades of bad public policy that rewards contractors who pay low wages and don’t provide health benefits, and bring the construction industry back to being a reliable pathway to middle class jobs.