The Leadership of The Partnership and the Affiliates


Elly Matsumura

California Director
San Jose, California

Elly Matsumura is California Director, working with these seven affiliates and state allies to take statewide power-building to the next level of strategy and impact. She spent 13 years with Silicon Valley affiliate Working Partnerships USA, most recently as Managing Director, leading policy, research, and civic engagement projects; leadership development for elected officials and coalition allies; and the fundraising, communications, and operations team. Elly spearheaded the coalition campaign to pass the nation’s most comprehensive living wage policy, created leadership and governance training programs replicated in over a dozen regions across the country, and provided strategic advising to sister organizations on campaigns for equity in jobs and income, transportation, health, education, and formerly incarcerated workers. As an independent consultant for the County of Santa Clara, she developed the Census 2020 Strategic Plan, which has been recognized as a model for the state. Elly lives in downtown San Jose with her partner, two growing, powerful kids, and a hamster named Pumpkin.