The Leadership of The Partnership and the Affiliates


Nancy Smyth

Leadership Development Director
Phone Number: 
213/977-9400 x144
Los Angeles, California

Nancy Smyth is the Leadership Development Director for the Partnership and our largest affiliate, LAANE. She is a Certified Professional Coach and provides one on one coaching to organizational leaders as well as teams and works with Affiliates to vision and plan their work, build capacity, and create systems that help to maximize success and well-being. For 30 years prior to joining the Partnership, Nancy spent most of her career as a lawyer and organizer focusing on the rights of workers in the underground economy, the formerly incarcerated and immigrants. She established the first day laborer program in the country and also organized a dynamic household workers project with its own superhero, SuperDomestica. She loves to swim and to cook.

Areas of Expertise: 
Leadership Development, Nonprofit Capacity Building, Staff Transitions
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