Affiliate POWER Joins Forces for Solar Jobs

April 20, 2016 -- Partnership for Working Families

In Philadelphia, Partnership for Working Families affiliate POWER: An Interfaith Movement joined forces with Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) in its Local Green Jobs campaign. The coalition is calling on the largest local utility, PECO, to purchase solar power from underserved North Philadelphia’s rooftops. “Environmental justice means an economy that works for everyone,” said Rabbi Julie Greenberg of POWER. “We need to create jobs where they are most needed and keep our energy dollars circulating locally.”

Affiliate ALIGN Works to Transform NYC’s Recycling System

April 20, 2016 -- Partnership for Working Families

Transform Don’t Trash NYC, the campaign to clean up New York City’s dirty commercial sanitation industry, is picking up steam. The coalition of environmental justice, worker organizations and community groups (including PWF affiliate ALIGN) has been working for three years to expose problems in the industry and push a transformative vision of change. With City Hall recently taking the first steps toward addressing the issue, real change toward a cleaner, safer waste and recycling system may be just around the corner.

Clean Rivers Campaign Protects Ratepayers, Rivers & Communities by Greening Water and Sewer System

April 20, 2016 -- Partnership for Working Families

Rivers are at the heart of the Pittsburgh region. The area’s economic and environmental revival is closely tied to its rivers, but unfortunately its aging and poorly designed sewer system is creating a crisis.

Marisol Ramirez - The People’s Organizer

March 24, 2016 -- Partnership for Working Families

Marisol Ramirez has been a staff organizer with OCCORD since 2013, but she’s been a leader in her community for much longer. She first began organizing with OCCORD as a volunteer while in high school, connecting her personal experiences with the broader struggle for fair representation at City Hall. Marisol served as a board member of OCCORD before transitioning into full time organizing.


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