CPI Wins Privatization Reforms in San Diego

August 28, 2008 -- Center on Policy Initiatives

By Susan Duerksen, CPI Communications Director

The Center on Policy Initiatives (CPI) celebrated an important victory in July, when the San Diego City Council approved several reforms we proposed to protect against some of the worst risks of privatization. These reforms will help make sure private contractors can't take over city functions by scrimping on worker health coverage in the quality of services.

Mayor Dellums Vows Oakland Will Be Next City to Pass a Comprehensive Clean Trucks Program

August 28, 2008 -- East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable...

With Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at his side, Mayor Ron Dellums pledged to follow the L.A. Harbor’s example and fix the broken Oakland Port trucking system that is contributing to a public health crisis and forcing drivers to endure sweatshop working conditions.


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