Policy & Tools: Examples of Targeted Hire Programs (Construction Jobs)

Our Schools, Our Futures
Community Labor United - Boston, MA

Significant community-labor efforts led the Boston Public Schools to implement Our Schools, Our Futures, a program that established a local hire pipeline for construction industry work related to summer school painting. The program has been implemented over two summers, 2006 and 2007.

Policy Language

Our Schools, Our Futures: Making Career Opportunities with the Boston Public Schools


Our Schools, Our Future: An Overview

Maritime and Aviation Project Labor Agreement (MAPLA)
Port of Oakland - Oakland, CA

The project labor agreement for Oakland’s ports modernization (the Maritime and Aviation PLA, MAPLA) requires local hire for all construction work associated with a planned $1.2 billion modernization of the airport and maritime port. The Port of Oakland, the general contractor, and signatory unions of the Building Trades Council signed the agreement in 2000 and implementation has been ongoing since then.

Project Language

The Maritime and Aviation Project Labor Agreement.


A brief description of the MAPLA written by the Port of Oakland.

MAPLA Contractor Information Packet.


MAPLA 2006 Progress Report.

MAPLA 2007 Progress Report.

MAPLA 2007 project summary tables.

MAPLA Social Justice Program 2001 Progress Report.