Policy & Tools: Other Affordable Housing Resources


Affordable by Design - State of Washington Department of Economic Development webpage that furthers public awareness of well-designed, affordable and higher density housing. Featured on this page through case studies are a variety of housing developments, both market rate and subsidized, that meet a number of criteria such as affordability, good design, proximity to shopping, work and other services, pedestrian friendliness, and orientation to transit. The site also has publications and information on best practices for achieving affordable and attractive high-density housing.

Affordable Housing Design Advisor - Good design can make a world of difference for the people who will live in the affordable housing you help build, and for the neighborhood surrounding it. The Affordable Housing Design Advisor brings together experience and ideas from successful affordable housing projects all over the country, and the people who developed, designed and built them.

Affordable Housing Finance - Provides news, resources and ideas for the affordable housing and multifamily housing industries.

Affordable Housing Institute - Innovates sustainable improvements in local housing finance by working with governments, parastatals, NGOs and stakeholders to design, develop, pilot, and improve housing finance policies and programs.

Brookings Institution - A Washington, D.C.-based private nonprofit organization devoted to independent research and innovative policy solutions. Included in their publication Rethinking Local Affordable Housing Strategies: Lessons from 70 Years of Policy and Practice is a matrix that provides a synopsis of how well various housing approaches advance each of the seven basic goals of an affordable housing policy.

Center for Housing Policy - The research affiliate of the National Housing Conference. Website offers access to many CHP publications and tools, including Paycheck to Paycheck, an online, interactive database that presents wage information for more than 60 occupations and home prices and rents for nearly 200 metropolitan areas.

Design Matters – The City Design Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago compiled this Internet catalog of exemplary affordable housing located throughout the US. The website features an interactive design catalog that can be searched by criteria including design objectives (including meeting high aesthetic standards, reducing construction costs, and promoting energy efficiency) or project type (including types ranging from single family detached housing to single-room occupancy (SRO) housing).

Employer-Assisted Housing - This site was formerly known as the American Affordable Housing Institute (AAHI) and Employer Assisted Housing site hosted by the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers. The Bloustein School now refers people looking for information about employer-assisted housing to this site. This EAH site provides basic information as well as links to employer-assisted housing programs, resources and events.

Fannie Mae's Knowledgeplex - An affordable housing and community development resource for local governments and others in the housing business.

Habitat for Humanity International - A nonprofit, nondenominational Christian housing organization that builds simple, decent, affordable houses in partnership with those who lack adequate shelter. Habitat has built more than 175, 000 houses since 1976 through local Habitat affiliates, which coordinate house building and select partner families.

Housing Partnership Network - The Housing Partnership Network is a peer network and business cooperative of 87 of the most accomplished affordable housing nonprofits in the country. Our members operate on a citywide or regional basis and share a similar public/private business model that forges entrepreneurial partnerships among the business, community, and government sectors to create and sustain affordable housing.

Housing Affordability Calculator - Estimate how much house the user can afford based upon annual income, monthly debt, cash available for down payment, property tax and home insurance rate, and loan terms.

Innovative Housing Institute - Created in 1996 by housing professionals with extensive experience in developing, financing and managing affordable housing in a mixed income setting.

Joint Center for Housing Studies - Harvard University's center for information and research on housing in the United States. The Joint Center analyzes the dynamic relationships between housing markets and economic, demographic, and social trends, providing leaders in government, business, and the non-profit sector with the knowledge needed to develop effective policies and strategies.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) - Helps resident-led, community-based development organizations transform distressed communities and neighborhoods into healthy ones. By providing capital, technical expertise, training and information, LISC supports the development of local leadership and the creation of affordable housing, commercial, industrial and community facilities, businesses and jobs.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credits - Novogradac & Company, a national certified public accounting and consulting firm provide this "Affordable Housing Resource Center" website, which includes information about the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.

Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) - A non-profit, independent organization created in 1969 under the Bureau of Governmental Research at the University of Washington. This Web page assembles and presents information on housing issues, legal authority, sample ordinances, programs, plans, best practices and resources for local governments, particularly Washington cities and counties.

National Coalition for the Homeless - A national network of activists and advocates, community-based and faith-based service providers, people who are currently experiencing or who have experienced homelessness, and others committed to ending homelessness.

National Housing Conference - A public policy and affordable housing advocacy organization for national policies and legislation that promote suitable housing in a safe, decent environment. NHC's nonprofit research affiliate, the Center for Housing Policy, works to broaden understanding of America's affordable housing challenges and examines the impact of policies and programs developed to address these needs.

National Housing Trust Fund Campaign - Working to capitalized the recently-established National Housing Trust Fund in order to build and preserve 1.5 million units of rental housing for the lowest income families over the next ten years.

National Low Income Housing Coalition - A national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending America's affordable housing crisis. NLIHC focuses its advocacy on those with the most serious housing problems, the lowest income households. The NLIHC policy agenda is organized around four priority areas: resident issues, production, saving housing resources and housing plus services.

Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse at HUD - A source for solutions to state and local regulatory barriers to affordable housing.

Rental Housing On-Line (RHOL) - an on-line encyclopedia of rental housing and real estate investing subjects.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - HUD's website includes information about federal housing programs and links to other housing resources.