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Policy & Tools

From pioneering the use of community benefits agreements to construction careers policies, our groups have developed a unique arsenal of tools that draw on lessons learned across a range of disciplines. Learn more about these tools, what makes them work, and how they have been applied on the ground.


Researching and producing publications that support our mission and our affiliates' campaigns is a major component of the Partnership for Working Families' work.  Browse through full-text versions of all of our publications, as well as those of our affiliates.

Community Benefits Law Center

The Community Benefits Law Center, a project of the Partnership, offers an important resource for organizations and public officials seeking to advance measures that benefit working families.  Efforts to win effective change must often navigate complex legal waters and face substantial opposition.  The Law Center’s attorneys are recognized experts and have pioneered legal tools for economic and racial justice such as community benefits agreements and community workforce agreements.

In The Public Interest

In The Public Interest, a project of the Partnership for Working Families, provides assistance to campaigns around the country that are fighting bad privatization deals or trying to enact responsible contracting policies. We provide tools and resources intended to help advocates, public officials, workers, and administrators ensure that essential public goods and services are available to those who need them, managed by people who are publicly accountable, and affordable to all.