Policy & Tools: Targeted Hiring (Permanent Jobs)

Both local government policies and Community Benefits Agreements have included measures designed to ensure that local residents and disadvantaged individuals have employment opportunities in the retail, transportation, entertainment, food service and other sectors. These measures have resulted in thousands of jobs for the communities that need them most, and are sometimes paired with job training and other skills development programs that help individuals build a career.

L.A. Sports and Entertainment District CBA (Staples)
Los Angeles, CA

Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE) was a major force in winning the CBA in 2001 for The L.A. Sports and Entertainment District that required local hire for the permanent jobs associated with a district-wide development plan, including several hotels, food service and retail outlets. Implementation began in summer 2007 and is overseen by SAJE.

Policy Language

First Source Hiring Policy

East Palo Alto Local Hire Ordinance
East Palo Alto, CA

The City of East Palo Alto first established local hiring requirements for a major development project in 1996. Subsequently, those requirements were codified in a city ordinance passed in 2000 that covers all redevelopment that receives more than $50,000 in city subsidy. The ordinance applies both to construction and permanent jobs. Implementation began immediately upon passage and is ongoing.

Policy Language

First Source Hiring and Local Business Enterprise Policy


In 2010, 34% of all retail jobs, on average, in redevelopment areas went to East Palo Alto residents through the First Source Hire policy.  More information on outcomes.

North Hollywood (NoHo) Mixed-Use Redevelopment Project CBA
Los Angeles, CA

A community-labor coalition won local hire requirements as part of its community benefits campaign for the North Hollywood Mixed-Use Redevelopment Project. The CBA, signed in 2001, required local hire only for permanent jobs. The first round of hiring began in spring 2007. The policy language established the first source referral system and allowed employers to participate, but did not mandate participation.

Policy Language

NoHo Community Benefits Program


“College's Program Boosts New Market,” San Fernando Valley Business Journal, May 28, 2007.

Hollywood & Highland CBA
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles’ Hollywood & Highland development required construction and permanent local hire programs; these requirements were incorporated into development agreements signed in 1999 and were implemented in 2000 and 2001.

Policy Language

TrizecHahn Project Jobs Program- Urban Development Action Grant


Job Creation Summary from Community Redevelopment Agency Final Report

Los Angeles Airport Modernization CBA (LAX)
Los Angeles, CA

The CBA won in 2004 required local hiring as part of the Los Angeles Airport modernization (LAX). The agreement covers a wide array of jobs at the airport, including approximately 300 retail and food service vendors, airline employees, service contractors, baggage handlers and other jobs on the tarmac. Local hire requirements are incorporated into all new lease and contract agreements, and will be applied to renewals as existing agreements expire. Implementation began late in 2006 and is ongoing. 

Policy Language

LAX Master Plan Community Benefits Agreement

Gates Cherokee Project
Denver, CO

Community benefits won for Denver’s Gates Cherokee Redevelopment in 2006 include enhanced implementation of the city’s existing local hire program for both permanent and construction jobs. Developers have yet to break ground for the project, so implementation has not formally begun, though stakeholders are in the process of establishing the infrastructure and relationships needed to implement the program.

Policy Language

Cherokee Urban Redevelopment Plan

More Information

Map of First Source Hiring Priority Areas

Sign up form to receive notice of jobs that give preference to Denver residents

First Source Local Hiring Overview and History

Community Benefits Achievements at the Gates Cherokee Project

Annie E. Casey Report- The Gates Cherokee Redevelopment Project: “A Huge Step forward for Low-Income People in Denver”

Ballpark Village CBA
San Diego, CA

The CBA for Ballpark Village, in San Diego, requires local hire for permanent and construction jobs. The agreement was signed in 2005, but changes in the nature of the project have delayed groundbreaking. The current project design includes residential, retail and entertainment venues, and a major hotel. Stakeholders are now preparing the infrastructure in anticipation of groundbreaking sometime in the coming year.

Policy Language

Ballpark Village Project Community Benefits Agreement


Request for Proposal Guidelines- Ballpark Village Community Job Training and Placement Program