In the Driver's Seat: An Uber Driver Survey

June 2016
The Partnership for Working Families

Uber's rapid expansion to more than 170 cities and markets over the last three years has generated much public discussion on the company's impact on employment standards, transit access and public safety. Yet these discussions often do not include the input of key industry experts: drivers. To learn more about Uber drivers’ experience and to inform how policymakers should shape the future of on-demand ride services, and Partnership for Working Families conducted a national online survey of more than 300 self-identified Uber drivers.

The new data collected in this survey shows that Uber drivers share a common interest in raising wages and connecting with fellow drivers to address issues at work. Low fares, a major factor in driver income, top the list of driver concerns. While the majority of drivers report making significant investments in their cars to drive for Uber, most also report that driving for the company does not provide a stable source of income.