Researching and producing publications that support our mission and our Partner groups' campaigns is a major component of the Partnership for Working Families' work. Below you will find links to full-text versions of all of our publications, as well as those of our Partner organizations.

Author: Sara Zimmerman

Date: November 2007


How does the development process work in New Orleans, and how can residents get involved to ensure that development is good for the whole community? This guide provides a basic introduction to a very complex topic. It explains the importance of understanding the development process and contains an over view of the different kinds of approvals and waivers that may be necessary to build a new development in New Orleans. By advocating for community needs during the approval and waiver process, coalitions can work to get these needs met.

Author: The Partnership for Working Families

Date: July 2007


This report provides a snapshot of our Partner organizations' multifaceted, deeply rooted efforts to renew power and opportunity for workers and communities across the country.

Author: The Partnership for Working Families, The SPIN Project

Date: January 2007


Words that Work is a communications toolkit designed to help community benefits advocates learn from others' experiences and integrate successful communications strategies into their own campaigns.

This toolkit is intended to give advocates, grassroots organizers, policy specialists, community leaders and their allies the tools they need to shape public opinion through effective framing, messaging, and other communications techniques.

Author: The Partnership for Working Families, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy

Date: January 2007


This report describes the major strategies employed by communities around the country to resist Wal-Mart’s expansion into their regions, and offers a series of recommendations for countering the world’s largest retailer. 

Read the full report here.


Author: Julian Gross, Greg LeRoy, Madeline Janis-Aparicio

Date: January 2005


Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) - deals between developers and coalitions of community organizations, addressing a broad range of community needs - are safeguards to ensure that affected residents share in the benefits of major developments. They allow community groups to have a voice in shaping a project, to press for community benefits that are tailored to their particular needs, and to enforce developer's promises. CBAs are only one aspect of a growing new movement towards community benefits in landuse planning, taking shape through labor-community partnerships around the country.


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