Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment District CBA

Los Angeles 2001 - the "Staples" CBA

In May of 2001, a broad coalition of labor and community-based organizations - the Figueroa Corridor Coalition for Economic Justice – negotiated a comprehensive CBA for the Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment District development, a large multipurpose project that will include a hotel, a 7,000-seat theater, a convention center expansion, a housing complex, and plazas for entertainment, restaurant, and retail businesses. Public subsidies for the project may run as high as $150 million. The CBA is usually referred to as the "Staples CBA" because the project is located adjacent to the Staples Center sports arena, which was developed by the same company.

The Staples CBA was a tremendous achievement in several respects. It includes an unprecedented array of community benefits, including:

  • a developer-funded assessment of community park & recreation needs, and a $1 million commitment toward meeting those needs;
  • a goal that 70% of the jobs created in the project will pay the City's living wage, and consultation with the coalition on selection of tenants;
  • a first source hiring program targeting job opportunities to low-income individuals and those displaced by the project;
  • increased affordable housing requirements in the housing component of the project, and a commitment of seed money for other affordable housing projects;
  • developer funding for a residential parking program for surrounding neighborhoods; and
  • standards for responsible contracting and leasing decisions by the developer.

These many benefits reflect the very broad coalition that worked together to negotiate the CBA. The coalition, led in negotiations by Strategic Actions for a Just Economy, LAANE, and Coalition L.A., included over 30 different community groups and labor unions, plus hundreds of affected individuals. These successful negotiations demonstrate the power community groups possess when they work cooperatively and support each other's agendas.

The implementation experience for the Staples CBA is described in detail in Chapter Three of the CBA Handbook.