Policy & Tools

The Partnership works on multiple tracks to ensure that public investment and subsidy help establish strong and equitable urban economies. In order to succeed at meeting this goal, we have developed innovative approaches to redevelopment policy, subsidy allocation and approvals, training and workforce development, housing policy, and environmental issues, among other things. From pioneering the use of community benefits agreements to construction careers policies, our groups have developed a unique arsenal of tools that draw on lessons learned across a range of disciplines. Learn more about these tools, what makes them work, and how they have been applied on the ground.

  1. Affordable Housing
  2. Challenging Privatization
  3. Community Benefits Agreements and Policies
  4. Community Impact Reports
  5. Construction Careers
  6. Living Wage
  7. Responsible Contracting
  8. Targeted Hire (Permanent Jobs)
  9. Transit-Oriented Development
  10. Worker Retention Policies
  11. Transparency Measures