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Jamie Way | March 29, 2017

Children drinking lead contaminated water, dams cracking and nearly collapsing, high-speed rail projects sitting stalled while highways fall into disrepair; this is what has become of America’s once gleaming infrastructure. And this is to say nothing of the more visionary projects — including universal access to broadband, childcare or green energy and transit — that have been largely abandoned as distant pipe dreams. Click here to read the rest of this article.

Jamie Way | March 10, 2017

Most parents aren't very happy when their children bring home a report card with anything less than a C-. They'll be even less encouraged by the near-failing grade awarded to the nation's school facilities Thursday by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Click here to read the rest of this article.

Jamie Way | January 6, 2017

In 2014, two gun-rights organizations, Florida Carry and the Second Amendment Foundation, sued the city of Tallahassee and various of its officials over a pair of laws, passed in 1957 and 1988, that prohibit residents from discharging firearms in public parks. Those local regulations retroactively violated a Florida state law, passed in 2011, preempting local governments from passing any ordinances that regulate guns. Click her to read the rest of this article.

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Jamie Way | April 21, 2017

Planning Your Protest Against Wall Profiteering

Below are general suggestions for planning your action along with leaflets, letters and all the materials you'll need. Anyone planning an action should make sure you are familiar with local laws and regulations that might influence your planning. For help, the ACLU and National Lawyers Guild are great resources and have local chapters in many places.

Jamie Way | April 18, 2017

Partnership for Working Families submitted the following letter in support of AB 1008.

The Honorable Tony Thurmond
Chair, Assembly Committee on Labor & Employment
Re: AB 1008 (Fair Chance Act) — SUPPORT

Dear Assemblymember Thurmond:

Jamie Way | March 28, 2017


Just days before the preliminary border wall bids are to be submitted,

More Than Forty Civil Rights, Immigration, Labor & Community Groups Urge Companies Not to Bid on Border Wall Contract

Groups call on companies to publicly commit not to profit from multi-billion dollar “symbol of racism & xenophobia”

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Building a New Economy for All

The Partnership is leading a renewal of our economy in metropolitan regions across the country. We build diverse community and labor alliances to advance innovative programs that create quality jobs and strengthen healthy communities.

  • Building a powerful network of urban affiliates
  • Forming strong alliances with organizations and advocates
  • Winning campaigns to bring good, safe jobs to low income communities & communities of color

Resulting in green cities, and healthier living for working families

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